Ten Top Tips for Speed Networking

    1. populationDo your research – understand what the event is about, who’s going to be there, how it can be useful for you (making new contacts, reconnecting with colleagues you may have worked with in the past) and how you can be useful to others.
    2. Set goals – Who do you want to meet?  Why you want to meet them?  How many new contacts do you want to make?  Remember to focus on quality not quantity.
    3. Self-Promotion – have business cards to hand out on the day.  A portfolio and a few copies of your CV could also come in handy if the opportunity presents itself.  Do you have a website?  If so – make sure it’s up to date and relevant.
    4. Think about your image – are you dressed appropriately for the people you want to meet and impress?  Be aware of your body language – adopt an open posture and don’t forget to smile!
    5. Prepare a short pitch (about 1 minute) about the work you do and the skills you can offer.
    6. Network effectively – at the seminars, at the stands or over a coffee.  Be proactive, be confident and remember to listen to what others are saying (it will help you target your audience more effectively and show people that you’re interested in them and what they have to offer).contact2
    7. Don’t do the hard sell!  Networking is not about selling but about developing relationships.
    8. It is important to mingle – don’t spend all your time talking to one person.  Exchange business cards and exit politely.
    9. If you’ve booked onto an master class, practical or one-to-one session – be early – those few minutes could make a world of difference!
    10. Make time to follow-up with contacts made on the day (an email or a phone call) – but don’t leave it more than a week or two.