CULT Cymru is a learning project led by BECTU in partnership with Equity, the Musicians’ Union and the Writers’ Guild.  We work with industry workers, employers and other organisations to arrange learning activities and networking events throughout Wales.

A major part of our work at CULT Cymru is to help you identify your personal learning and professional development needs. We need to learn more about you, the skills you want to develop and the type of education and training you prefer, so that we can ensure you have access to high quality learning that is relevant and affordable.

Please take the time to complete our learning survey by Friday 19th January 2018.

We will treat the information you provide as STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and individual names will not be shared with anyone outside the project.

New courses available now. See our Training and Events Page for further information on courses and to book.

We organise numerous activities – from workshops to networking events, to master classes and redundancy support.

Click to view the CULT Cymru Newsletter.  For a hard copy email rachel@bectu.org.uk

CULT Cymru Newsletter 2013